YCS Blossoms Scholarship fund `s Benito Flores Arts Work de Passaic,NJ

The theme of Benito Flores’ exhibition is Beni’s Art life. “I want to show people my life through art…Every picture tells about something I have seen or experienced,” says the 19 year old high school senior. As a young child, Benito was into soccer and video games; he did not discover his interest in art till freshman year of high school. A friend showed him some graffiti drawings from his sketch (black) book and he was enthralled. “I thought to myself that I could do this.” At the suggestion of his friend, he went online and learned about a place in Manhattan called 5 Pointz. He took the trip into Queens, NY and was awed by all paintings he saw on concrete walls. “The first thing I painted was a shirt.” He soon found friends asking him to decorate their shoes and other pieces of apparel. Later at school, his teacher encouraged him to try a self portrait. The black and white portrait gave him more confidence in his abilities. “Before I started drawing, I felt trapped by life. Art has given me the freedom to create my own world.” The YCS Fort Lee Education Center high school senior says he loves to work at home listening to techno electric music because it gives him energy and a sense of freedom. His favorite artist is Pablo Picasso. “I love the way he uses color and composes his paintings.” Two years ago, a visiting art professor from the Fashion Institute of Technology saw Benito’s work and recommended that he take a summer course in clothing design at FIT It was a

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