Work at Home with Ameriplan and Get Paid Daily

All Jobs In One Place Every day millions of moms wish they could afford to stay at home with their children full time. And for those who are already stay-at-home moms, money is on their minds, too — living on one income can be hard on many families. Janie Jones, a stay-at-home mom of two boys, understand this all too well. “I had always wanted to stay at home with my children,” say Janie, but she admits to having concerns about raising a family on one income. Even though her husband, Michael, had a well-paying job, their budget was still pretty tight. His career was also demanding — he worked about 60 hours per week and traveled extensively. That was the tradeoff; Michael had a good career with a good salary, but very little time for family; missing out on that was very stressful for him,” say Janie. “What it came down to, really, was we couldn’t afford a family life.” She wanted to help financially, and thought a home business could be the solution. However, after weeding through many opportunities, she couldn’t find anything that appealed to her or felt right. Janie was about to give up when she stumbled upon Ameriplan, a 15-year old company offering discounts on healthcare services, including medical, dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic through a network of independent business owners. “I liked that they had a real service, one that people truly need, instead of lotions and potions,” she says, adding that Ameriplan offers the largest

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