Work at Home Scams

www.151inc.netWorking at home has become attractive to many stay-at-home moms, college students, and retirees. While some jobs are legitimate, others just don’t deliver on their promises. This free, short film tells the story of a new type of work-at-home scam and how a young mother gets caught up in it. It also provides tips on how you can avoid being duped by criminals and what to do if you’ve been victimized. This High Noon Film is presented by the US Postal Inspection Service.Make Big $$ working from your home! No commuting. No time clock. Be your own boss!Sounds great, doesn’t it? Although there are genuine jobs working at home, many “offers” don’t deliver on their promises. Before responding to a work at home opportunity, check it out.Protect Yourself * Closely examine the ad or offer. * Don’t give out personal information to a person or company you don’t know. * Be suspicious of any offer that doesn’t pay a regular salary or involves an overseas company. * Check out the company with the FTC, Better Business Bureau, state Attorney General or your local consumer protection agency.Be smart. There is no easy way to wealth. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.WORK AT HOME SCAMS. THEY JUST DON’T PAY!Got a bad experience with Work at Home company? Post it on

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