What’s Your Support System?

Small business public relations video from Pesce PR (www.pescepr.com). Hi small business PR friends! Thanks for vising my YouTube Channel. Enjoy this video where I discuss how entrepreneurs can find the right support system. Video: Hi everyone! It’s Thea from Pesce PR and PR freelancer group. We are a group of about five women and we meet once a month. We meet for breakfast and it’s a great way to support each other to brainstorm ideas. We talk about everything to taxes to how to get new clients. Its been a great support system for me. We take that group and bring it online as well. So we’ll do brainstorm sessions online. I thought me to talk about support and being an entrepreneru. I’m not just talking about family and friends, which is an incredible amount of support. I was more talking about business support and they are as follows. 1. Create a group that does similar work to what you do – embrace you similar professions and create a group -even two or three people. Meet once a quarter or even online. It’s great to vet different ideas. 2. Join a support group.I belong to two networking groups. I belong to Ladies who Launch and Savor the Success. Those are women networking groups, but you can look online and find one that’s right for you. 3. The third one is a little more unique and its targeted to people who work from home. I joined a co-working space and that has been a very good decision for me. I think being an entrepreneur can be a little isolating. So its a great

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