TV9 – Bharat Bandh : BSY & Eshwarappa Teams Protest In Haveri Separately

TV9 – Bharat Bandh : BSY & Eshwarappa Teams Protest In Haveri Separately…! Schools, shops and government offices were shut in some states on Thursday as protesters blocked road and rail traffic as part of a one-day nationwide strike against sweeping economic reforms announced by the government last week. Bangalore, India’s IT and outsourcing hub, was hard hit by the strike, but in Mumbai, the country’s financial capital, banks and offices were open as usual. In New Delhi, shops were shut in BJP constituencies and there were fewer cars on the road, but the central business district was untouched.In Bangalore, most of the 3500 staff employed by Intel Corp and 10000 staff at Cisco Systems Inc were asked to work from home, company spokesmen said. Infosys Ltd and Wipro Ltd gave workers the day off, but will ask them to work on Saturday instead. The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), joined by smaller parties from both the political left and right, called for the strike to protest against a 14 percent hike in heavily subsidised diesel prices, and a government decision that opens the door to foreign supermarket chains to invest in India. The measures, part of a package of big-bang economic reforms aimed at boosting a sharply slowing economy, have triggered a political firestorm. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s biggest ally pulled out of his shaky coalition on Tuesday, raising the risk of an early election. Across the country, morning commuters were left stranded at

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