Teens Videotape Dangerous Stunts To Make Money


Teens are jumping off buildings and setting themselves on fire to make money if they sell their videos online. One video shows a Seth Leach jumping off a house’s roof into a basketball goal, which then falls to the ground along with him. Clearly, the stuntmen are not professionals. They’re Colorado teenagers daring each other to do dangerous or just plain stupid stunts to make money online, , With each video we upload to [one site], they actually send us a $600 check,” said said Leach. In the last five years, Leach, 19, has set himself on fire (“Definitely one of the dumbest things I’ve done”), tackled a treadmill with a pogo stick (“That got me all over the Internet”), and jumped off — well, just about everything. “Back then, I never really thought about the consequences that could happen,” said Leach. The Arvada teen said viral videos fuel the craze. 7NEWS found several sites where teens, such as Seth, make daredevil dares, and on some side, people make hundreds of dollars per clip. Leach’s mother, Tammy Boudreau, said she tried to make him stop, especially after a stunt involving a moving car resulted in a minor head injury. “I took the video camera away. I grounded him,” she said. “But I couldn’t watch him 24-7.” In February 2009, though, a jump from the top of a baseball backstop nearly cost Leach his life. “As he was about to jump, he’s like, ‘This is higher than I thought last time,'” remembered Devin Van Horne, Leach’s best friend, who was watching as Leach fell

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