STIFORP – Best Network Maketing Tools for the Money. Build Your Home Base Business- Stiforp, the most POWERFUL Direct Selling Industry Tools and Training Program and also an AMAZING STAND-ALONE home based business opportunity in the WORLD! Look they give you Interactive Flash Movie Presentations, Video Spokesperson on Your Site, Lead Capture Pages, Autoresponders, Contact Manager, Traffic Rotator, Conference Call Bridges, Webinars, Phone Burner, plus more all for under $10 a month. The industry of network marketing is always changing. What worked 20, 10, even 5 years ago doesn’t always work today. Many companies have great products, great compensation plans, and great leadership. Unfortunately many also lack the marketing tools to help you build your team easier, faster, and stronger than others. We know you are committed to the company you are involved in. Whether the product is a travel program, a super juice, insurance, nutritional products, weight loss, skin care, or anything else, we know you are in that company for a reason. You love the product, you love the compensation plan, your friends are in it, the owners are great. Whatever your reason, we want to help you MAXIMIZE your income in that program. THAT is what STIFORP is all about. The challenge in the home based business industry is that the extent of most companies’ tools is a corporate replicated website. While a website is great for information, it takes MUCH more than that to get people excited enough to join your opportunity. With

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