Phishlot vending flattened 6/15/11

Lot A Shakedown: I vended both nights and had my girlfriends with me. We had sort of half-assed weatherproofed our stuff and I took one more look at the radar and the sky and decided at the very last minute that we were throwing all of my merch and equipment into the van. This video was taken literally right as we jumped into the van. I’m a work-at-home mom so I don’t go on the road, but I try to make some cash when I do go to shows with my sewing ( ) . I’m really REALLY glad I didn’t loose my easy-up or merchandise because I need that stuff to do the local market and craft fairs. I’m especially glad that myself and my girls were safe. It was my friend in the back-seat’s first show and actually her first big concert experience ever. She got a good initiation. This was my 58th Phish show, and the first time I’ve seen the band have to leave the stage due to weather. Rock on Phishies!

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