MCA is a Scam (PayDay)$$

I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A SCAM! Lmao people kill me with that lol However, I currently have a great JOB opportunity for 30 people, it’s called MCA (Motor Club of America). .MCA has been doing business since 1926 & offers a variety of benefits to their members including road side assistance, prescription discounts,Trip planning & travel reservation, Attorney fee discounts, $25000 in Bail Bomds & up to $5000 for a stolen vehicle reward just to name a few. They also tow up 100 miles for you and will also unlock your car if you lock your self out. They will pay you $500 if you ever ended up in the ER & need money for medical! The BEST part about this is once you sign up to be a member you can also become an associate like myself, AND GET TO WORK FROM HOME just like I am. This is how it works, it is $40 to start. That $40 pays your first and last month bills. From there on out you ONLY pay 19.95 a month. AND for every person you recruit, the company will pay you $80! Just today alone I sold to 3 people! That’s $80×3=$240 bucks!! You also get your own website where you can link people to sign up like this one here —— this one is mines. You also get a pan-flit in the mail with the 7 business days. With your cards explaining in detail ALL your benefits! Please watch the video included on the top of the page in the following website. The sign up for MCA will be on the bottom, along with the free training video sign up. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO

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