Lenovo Ideacentre Desktop


Buy from Amazon US amzn.com Customer Reviews: “I want to preface this review with this disclaimer – this little Lenovo HP215 is what would be classified as a “budget” pc, in other words it is a pc for people that need to have one but do not need or want to pay for all the overly priced bells and whistles.I was in the market for a replacement PC after my Dell WAY overpriced “hardcore” gaming machine died after 5 years. I swore when that thing died I would never ever ever pay a ridiculous amount of money again for a PC when all I ever do on the thing is internet, work from home and a few on-line games and my most important thing, Pictures and Music (zune).That being said I went to all the usual places, there are not a lot of choices where I live so I even looked on line. I found this little baby at Office Depot, go figure! For less then 400 dollars. I am very happy with the purchase and I paid a little extra for OD to remove all the bloatware and for that service I also received 2 years of McAfee Virus Protection – it was 69.99 total. I am VERY happy with that little service, saved me hours of removing all those programs we never want or need.All in all I am very happy with this little machine and if it lasts 5 years like the previously mentioned 2400.00 dollar machine of mine….well I will have learned my lesson good. However, if you have a hardcore gamer in your house, this machine will not be satisfactory. I suggest doing what I did – and get them an xbox or ps3 and

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