“KEEPIN IT REAL” with Educatedbrother4u


This Message is a Free Speech Message to Educate all those out there that’s Not Up On what’s going on in Today’s Society concerning the Unemployed the Minorities and the Discrimination that’s going on in the World. It’s been going on for too long now and something needs to be done about it, we need to take a stand for our Rights especially in the Workforce Place. We need Diversity in the Employment Field, Everyone should have the right to Work, especially if they have the Skills and Qualifications, We need it in the State, the Local and the Authoritys, we need it in every aspect. Im tired of the Police killing our People, how many people have been on Death Row, only to find out they did not even commit the crime. So when you encounter suspicous activity with the corrupted officers, Turn your Video Cameras on so they can be Exposed. Because this needs to Stop. And the only way we can change this is to Act on it. Racism has been going on for Centuries and it’s Not Right at all, Everybody should be treated equal cause they are in the sight of God. So let’s take a stand to improve our Society and let’s encourage those to become Equal Opportunity Employers again.Because in this Society if you don’t have Money you don’t Have Rights that’s the bottom line. Even in the School System, they give you loans and when you graduate you have to pay them back, but there’s no guarantee your’e going to get a Job. And if your’e Afro American you really don’t have a Chance at all. And it’s

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