James Johnson Online

mcapayweek.com http My name Is James Johnson and Its only right for me to share with everyone who I am and what has Inspired me so much to Join Motor Club of America and stick with it through some of the toughest times that would usually give people more than enough reason to give up. Over the years I have had high hopes of one day being able to do what I love at a professional level which was playing professional basketball overseas where I knew I would make good enough money to provide for a family of four. I have a beautiful fiancé that is also the mother of my youngest child A’niya and a great role model to my oldest Caleb. I knew that after College my chances were very slim and I would have to find something else as a back-up plan to be able to provide for my family Just in case I wasn’t picked up to play Pro-Ball. I’m the type of guy that will do whatever it takes to be successful and do what I have to do for my family no matter what and I knew that with the type of hard working mentality that I have there would be plenty of other things I could do that I would enjoy and also be able to support my family but in the times there really wasn’t much out there that I felt would really benefit my needs enough without having to work the craziest hours which meant less time spent with my love ones at home so I decided I would work from home. On the search of finding a Job from home is wasn’t easy because you have so many scams in the internet world that makes it hard to

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