How to Market Momentis, Clear Internet, Home Essential Serivces, WORK FROM HOME with Momentis

Join Team Powerhouse of Momentis! Call 305-409-6835! Armando Torres, Regional Director with Momentis by Just Energy shows “how to” market Home essential services in a public place. Using the Clear boxes he demonstrates how to set up for morning coffee using Clear as an “eye catcher”. This will give him the opportunity to talk to Momentis prospects about the Momentis opportunity and how Momentis is NOT a scam. Some people feel that Momentis is a scam. Momentis provides Home Essential Services PLUS we are involved in the Derefulation of Energy. Momentis is a great business for WORK FROM HOME or Stay at home moms and dads. Momentis gives you the feeling that ANYTHING IS Possible…Because it is.. You can be a business owner in seconds. Become an Independent Marketer with Momentis by Just Enerygy. Better yet! Become a Momentis Representative with Team Powerhouse! We will show you how to be PROFITABLE in the business. Armando Torres and Jack Objio will teach you everything they have learned from Elena Fraga and other great leaders! Omar Oropesa showed us the business of network marketing, we were fortunate to learn from Elena Fraga how to do internet marketing. Formally with Primerica, we are now with Momentis and enjoying everything. Primerica is a scam. ? NOT exactly, But Momentis a scam…I think not. Both are publically traded on the NYSE and both help people become Independent Marketers. Momentis is the place to be for people who see the momentis future! Credit Elena

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