Google Keywords Lightning strikes google keywords featured articles Keywords aren’t necessarily words, they can be phrases. These paying keywords are the highest converting keywords and the ones marketers should be targeting. It shows how easily it is to see which keywords are the right ones. Around half the keywords in my top 20 keywords are irrelevant to the content of my site. The site would then refresh with a list of the bigger keywords that my site was listed under. Examine your list of “exact match” Google keywords that you ran through the SEO Analysis. New keywords are introduced everyday but these keywords have no place in a SEO campaign. The second place to search for keywords is well-known. It is these Keywords that numerous use to get first webpage rankings on significant search engines like Google. Keywords are the method by which search engines sort out what a web page or blog page is all about. Be sure that your page has maximum efficiency so that keywords will be on a well-organized search. Make sure you are using related keywords that have a high enough search volume. Using Google Trends, you can compare how often your target keywords are searched for in a matter of seconds. What Google Trends doesn’t tell you is the specific number of times your specified keywords were actually searched on. PPC Money – find out EXACTLY what the most profitable Pay Per Click keywords are on Google. With PPC advertising, you use keywords that you pay for each time they come

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