Andy isforlovers – 01 I Created The Weekend (ORIGINAL MIX)

2012 produced by Andy Isforlovers Vocals : Donnie gotta make rent so we work all week, more work at home so we get no sleep, up early next day cause we’ve got to eat, put clothes on our back and sneakers on our feet, day by day just passes us by, we becomes zombies from nine to five, it’s Friday night and we just got paid- we’ll stay out all night sleep in the next day it’s the weekend don’t you know it’s the weekend? don’t you know Friday’s coming soon, turn up the volume, listen to the bass boom, inside of the speakers, turn it up loud, forget about tomorrow let’s live for the now, if you’ve got trouble it’s time to forget it, you’ve got your whole life why don’t you just live it, get out of your seat just rock to the beat- because it’s time for the end of the week it’s the weekend don’t you know it’s the weekend? you work all week at your nine to five, until you feel like you’re not even alive, it’s time to wake up remember who you are, don’t you know you’re a superstar? grab some friends then grab some beers it’s time to say cheers ’cause the weekend’s here, leave your deadlines behind let the fun begin we’ll stay up all night cause we can sleep in, on the weekend don’t you know we’re having fun on the weekend? your boss went home so you did too, now nobody can tell you what to do, talk off your tie, your shirt, your slacks, throw on your PJ’s it’s time to relax, we did what they said so we could get paid, now it’s time to spend some of that money that we made, let’s

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