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Urgent Dog Day Care | Day Care For Dogs | Dog Spa | 604-469-3294 | Dog B&B | | Port Moody BC youtu.be If you have to go off to work you never need to worry about your furry friend being left alone all day. We have staff here 24 hours a day to assure your pet is safe and happy. Call us today for a reservation – 604-469-3294 www.uptowndawg.com Time for Play… On A Dog’s Schedule As you get to know your new dog, you may notice he/she has a specific schedule for the day. He will arrange his activities around your own time frames if you live on a fairly regular schedule yourself but typically your pet will be very adaptable and will respond well to a semi-regular schedule for most daily activities. Though your pet will usually be willing to play at any time, it’s likely there are a periods during the day when it will actively seek playtime with you or with its own toys. For many dogs early morning and late afternoon bring high energy and a play session with be fun for you both. Fetching a ball or going for a run instead of a leisurely walk will burn off energy and provide needed exercise for you both. It’s a win-win. Most canines have a clearly defined schedule of activity. In fact they respond to their own physical needs much better than we humans do. When they are full of energy they play and run. The moment they are tired they’ll take a nap. When they are curious they immediately investigate. If they find the scent of another animal outside they will mark their own

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